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One day I will be eating the
fruit of my labor and its going to be soooooooooooo sweet. Mmm mmmm mmmmm I can
taste it now.
The enemy labors to delay the promise of God in your life, so when
disappointment comes, one of the first things you should do is laugh at the
Devil. Then tell him, “Devil, I remind you that you’re a defeated foe. I plead
the blood of Jesus over my life. I command you to take your hands off my life
and my family.” Then begin to praise God that the enemy is a defeated foe.
Good morning I've got joy in my heart favor over my life and Blessings raining
on me. God is awesome and I love what. He is doing in my life. You better be
careful how you treat others and me :) because God is all about taking care of
his children and will reposition some people that are blocking ppls blessings.
Be good stewards over what God has given us whether it be money cars friendships
marriages kids jobs etc. If you ain't treating it right your rights will be
revoked.  Do good by it and he will give you more. #love #kingskid

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