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"And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain on tables, that he may run that reads it" Hab. 2:2.

A group of women from my church got together one evening to create vision boards. These boards were to become the tangible and visual product of how we see our selves and what we want to work towards to in the future. I am a firm believer in having to see things over and over for it to become a part of me. For example, I need to write daily to do lists and if I do not, I am not productive. I am a visual learner and need to see where I am going. Just a couple weeks ago a principle was giving me different times for me to be there and I just did not understand. I was like I need you to write this down so I can see what I need to do.

I feel a lot of people have no direction because they do not have a vision of their selves in the future times. I work with young girls and they cannot fathom thinking about the future they can only see their right now situation. Thank God we all grow up!

Well I created my vision board which actually turned into a message board to inspire me. My theme for the year is "...Calleth those things which be not as though they were." Rom 4:17. This scripture kept replaying in my head especially during those times when my husband and I were upset with each other or he was not being what I needed to be at this moment. Times where I struggled with finances, seeing not much funds in there and bills piling up. Iam like GOD I know this is not how it is supposed to be and then I just start speaking things how I would like them to be. "God my bank account will always have money coming into it." God my husband and I will get along and we have a loving, exciting marriage." 99 Chevy Cav you will be a Range Rover"

"Yet we have the same spirit of faith as he had who wrote, I have believed, and therefore have I spoken. We too believe, and therefore we speak." 2 Corinthians 4: 13

I believe for better things in my life, therefore I speak. My message of faith I see everyday. I put it in my head, which gets into my heart, which becomes my behavior and then I am living life how I visioned it.

My message board is a reminder of whats to come, how to think- I think therefore I am. Why brew over the things that will make you sad and depressed you will stay in that state of mind and then only bad things will come your way.

I dare you to envision your life the way you want it, write it down, create a visual. Look at it every day and you can't just look at it you have to start walking the walk becoming your vision. Make it plain! I know God has so much in store for you and your life why not want something grand?