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I want to dedicate my first entry in my fashion section to Afrodesiac World Wide. I have had my eye on them for quite awhile. I saw pictures popping up on my FB wall and I am so in love with this urban, edgy bright and beautiful patterns! Did I say I was so in love! Not only with the clothing but the models as well. Just gorgeous women and it just brightens up my day when I come across a posting of theirs.

AFRODESIAC WORLDWIDE launched in April 2006 and has since begun to  successfully
establish itself as a global fashion brand. With its  culturally inspired
designs, unique prints, innovative marketing and  attention to detail,
AFRODESIAC WORLDWIDE offers an unparalleled  product.
I want these clothes in my closet. How many of you would wear this? I would love to walk downtown catching all eyes ;)

I will be accepting gifts so yes this is on my list!

You know you want to check them out! Click here