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Written July 12, 2011... My Muse- My Boyfriend at the time, Prince.
You put this rhythm into my soul,You make my mind dance.
That cha cha, meringue, in that voodoo trance
You make me fly high, my best friends now are eagles.
Flying high with the clouds flowing below.
Light on my feet floating to this beat
of ocean waves, hidden caves, and bright sun rays.
I cant remember when my mind, soul and body connected at one time
Either confused but a body fiend
or in love but my mind screams
Wearing this spiritual lens that sees the God in you
Knowing that you are human too
Jumping from limb to branch to limb again
THe vines I climb and I swing through the wind
I crawl and run and search for you
Your heart I seek and hope to find
Through this wilderness of love sublime

Never staying on the same path
Getting lost in you finding me in you
Hoping you found me too.
Ever hoping ever wishing ever praying for life in you
The melodies of our heart beats ever true
singing of lullabies and sweet cries
Sleeping deep in the essence of you
I fall deeper into you
But knowing you love me for me I would never get lost in you
God lights my path and leads me to you
This is my funny way of saying I'm in love with you.

Written Aug. 6, 2011. This is me imagining!
I lay and laugh and giggle a little as I hear the pitter patter of the little feet.
The little feet run and stomp all through the house.
The little feet get tickled and big laughs rumble through the house.
I lay there with a heart full of joy and a smile on my face.
I lay there blessed with the miracles of the little feet.
As I stretch and yawn and get ready for the day, I hear little feet coming my way.
My smile grows wider than a field full of grass, and alas,
those little feet jump in my bed.
Oh how I love those little feet touching me
I grab them and tickle them and play with their toes.
I hug my babies and kiss their nose
and hold them for dear life as I say a little prayer
The loves of my life with such sweet little feet.


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