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Written Aug. 6, 2011. This is me imagining!
I lay and laugh and giggle a little as I hear the pitter patter of the little feet.
The little feet run and stomp all through the house.
The little feet get tickled and big laughs rumble through the house.
I lay there with a heart full of joy and a smile on my face.
I lay there blessed with the miracles of the little feet.
As I stretch and yawn and get ready for the day, I hear little feet coming my way.
My smile grows wider than a field full of grass, and alas,
those little feet jump in my bed.
Oh how I love those little feet touching me
I grab them and tickle them and play with their toes.
I hug my babies and kiss their nose
and hold them for dear life as I say a little prayer
The loves of my life with such sweet little feet.

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