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I received a book called The Power of a Praying Wife by Stormie Omartian. It has blessed me tremendously. She states that before she prayed over her husband she had to confess her hardened heart. She was hurt deeply by her husband. She states that she doesn't want to pray for this man that hurt her, she wanted lightening to strike him EXTREME YES! But so true. I had maybe still have anger for my husband for not living up to MY potential. I have been hurt many many times by his actions, words and rejection. It was hard for me to begin praying for my husband. I so badly wanted to say GOD YOU BETTER CHANGE THIS MAN OR I'M LEAVING. I wanted to Pray GOD he needs to learn how to please me love me how I want to be loved. He needs to make time for me, he needs to etc. etc. etc. That definitely would not have delivered the results I needed out of our marriage. Even today and last night I felt rejected by the one I gave my heart to but it is the prayer that releases that pain and allows you to be hurt over and over because I know it is not the end of the hurt there never will be. I just learn how give it to GOD, pray and move on.
Before I pray over my husband I pray for myself, I have to set the tone and know that it is not just my husband that needs prayer.
Things in my prayer:
  • Help me to be a good wife to my husband, the supportive type. The helpmeet, his champion.
  • Clear and soften my heart, remove the anger, resentment, the selfishness and bitterness.
  • Put in my heart patience, kindness, love, long-suffering
  • There needs to be a confession of all things ill, and ask for forgiveness
  • Ask God for His help in forgiving your husband, putting away disappointment
  • Ask God for areas you need help in, communication, finances, respect, time etc
  • Ask God to teach you how to do things that will best support him, you and the marriage
  • Pray that temptation will be set at bay pray for your husband to be strong in the Lord
  • Ask God to Show you both how to love each other and work together as one and not separate
  • Pray he accepts his role as head of household and lead with amazing grace
  • Pray that everyday I become a new creature shedding off the old and be a new wife for my husband with grace and mercy
There is so much you can pray for but I always pray for myself first so that I do not come to GOD with harsh demands and prayer out of anger. I hate pointing fingers so I work on the log in my eye and not pray to change my husband but pray GOD uses him the way he wants to use him and allow GOD to work in him allowing transformation and not just change.

I have grown to love praying over my husband in so many areas. I am the only one who really has the right to do it and if I don't who will. I am in my rightful place; I am his wife. Just watch and see how my blogs will change over time. This is just the beginning. God is moving up in here!!!


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