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I love tea PERIOD!!! I absolutely love going to Teavana... expensive but I love it! It is the experience, tasting the different fragrances and just sitting back and enjoying.

About a month ago, I went to a friends house to give her a Mary Kay skin consultation and she offered me some Chai tea. I have never had it before so I said sure. She had this powder mix from Mexico. I drank that and I was in heaven. She told me I could make my own and right away I looked for recipes that I Thought would be good.

Still haven't made it but it stayed on my mind. I told my friends about that Chai tea and they were mad that I did not get some for them.

Then a couple of weeks ago I went on a coffee date with this awesome woman and I ordered their Chai Tea, the place is in uptown called Uncommon Ground. The cutest place ever! Makes me want to open a coffee shop. I tasted their Chai tea and that blew my mind and I was like I am addicted.

Still hadn't made my mix because I was a little tight on funds.

Went Downtown one day and was crazing Chai so I decided to try Starbucks and was let down unfortunately.

So this past weekend I said my project was making this Mix! I found a great recipe here And below is what it looked like. I was almost out of my Blueberry Bliss from Teavana so I used the container to pour the mix in.

So I add it to my almond or coconut milk (that I personally made) or even coffee and Chai away. It smells so beautiful! I love it!

Well let me know if you made it and what you think! I need to find an alternative for the dry milk due to my intolerance.

Well Peace and Blessings,


We celebrated our 1 year Anniversary today! Guess what we did? Work for the Kingdom and we looked good doing it! Our church was having our annual Celestial Awards where we honor awesome Men and Women of God doing their thang for the Kingdom.

  18, 2012 at 10:00am Prince and Cicely stood by the fireside at Greater
  Friendship MBC, next to very few family and friends as they made a vow to God
  to have and to hold from this day forward, through everything. 

  year has had its ups and its downs which has made us stronger and more dependent on God than just ourselves. 

Learning how to love each other the way they need love is
an everyday lesson but we love to learn so it is awesome learning new things about each other. 

Learning how to live together was not that bad. Cicely is a TALKER with A LOT OF ENERGY, Prince is an introvert that loves to just chill and relax. Other than that, we get along quite well. No arguing over who is going to wash dishes
or take the trash out. We love watching movies so we do that a lot. 
We have been traveling and enjoying life. Our honeymoon was a cruise to Cozumel,
Mexico and we recently went to Vegas. We are learning how to be creative in the
things we do so if you have any ideas please feel free to let us know !!!

From My Husband Prince-- "I Am Learning"

First, I would like to thank God for your prayers and
  support during this first year of marriage. I continue to learn that my life isn’t about myself any more but it is about submitting myself to the one I love. I am learning my role as husband and king/priest of my household. I am learning how to love my wife everyday with an unconditional love that expects nothing in return. I am learning that as the man and head of the house, the weight will always fall on my shoulders. I am learning that my arms are
  designed and engineered to carry the weight. I am learning that in this life,
  only believe in 10% of what you see and 100% of what you have faith in. I am
  learning that to live is to suffer in love. I am learning that to suffer in
  love brings forgiveness and patience. I am learning that forgiveness is an
  essential to love. Every day I am learning love through this

From Cicely

I absolutely love being married to Mr.
Corbett. He has challenged me, encouraged me, prayed for me, and loved me. He has supported me and provided for me. Our relationship everyday gets stronger as
we face challenges and blessings. This marriage is helping me become a better
woman, wife, friend, future mothers and more. I have had very few ideal marriage
  models to learn from to help me in my marriage but what helps me the most is
  God’s love, grace, mercy and forgiveness. I am excited to celebrate this
1styear of marriage to Mr. Corbett. I am so in
love and looking forward to spending forever with him. Keep us in your prayers
and thoughts!

For Christmas I received a French Coffee Press with no instructions. I was confused and scared to see how it works. I read many instructions online and decided to go for it! I had a feeling I was doing it wrong and I remembered YOUTUBE. So I found a video that HELPED ME... I did it wrong twice and now I am a genius and just love this thing right here! I am a coffee lover, I do have a habit. I have been good lately though but now that I have found a new love I think my habit will kick back up!