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I love tea PERIOD!!! I absolutely love going to Teavana... expensive but I love it! It is the experience, tasting the different fragrances and just sitting back and enjoying.

About a month ago, I went to a friends house to give her a Mary Kay skin consultation and she offered me some Chai tea. I have never had it before so I said sure. She had this powder mix from Mexico. I drank that and I was in heaven. She told me I could make my own and right away I looked for recipes that I Thought would be good.

Still haven't made it but it stayed on my mind. I told my friends about that Chai tea and they were mad that I did not get some for them.

Then a couple of weeks ago I went on a coffee date with this awesome woman and I ordered their Chai Tea, the place is in uptown called Uncommon Ground. The cutest place ever! Makes me want to open a coffee shop. I tasted their Chai tea and that blew my mind and I was like I am addicted.

Still hadn't made my mix because I was a little tight on funds.

Went Downtown one day and was crazing Chai so I decided to try Starbucks and was let down unfortunately.

So this past weekend I said my project was making this Mix! I found a great recipe here And below is what it looked like. I was almost out of my Blueberry Bliss from Teavana so I used the container to pour the mix in.

So I add it to my almond or coconut milk (that I personally made) or even coffee and Chai away. It smells so beautiful! I love it!

Well let me know if you made it and what you think! I need to find an alternative for the dry milk due to my intolerance.

Well Peace and Blessings,


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